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Dream Weavers Way is tucked high atop a plateau where you can hear the babbling brook and embrace your inner creative self. Perfect for any starving artist that is just looking to get away from it all.
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Owned and occupied by Eclectic Arts.
After passing over StrangerVille there was a large flash of light causing a plane to short circuit and crash. After the crash the owner of the Penelope set up camp in the cargo bay of the plane and has lived on the outskirts of StrangerVille ever since.
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Owned and occupied by George Cahill.
The Sigworth family is rather new in town. Jess, the mom, had to transfer to the StrangerVille National Base. After spending a few days on the base Dylan has started to notice something is a bit off about his wife. Although Dylan is doing all he can to reassure their daughter that everything is okay. Christie is starting to catch on and it is only a matter of time until she realizes what is going on.
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Owned and occupied by the Sigworth family.
With the best views of the StrangerVille Plaza the StrangerVille Overlook is the perfect place to keep a watchful eye on the tiny town of StrangerVille.
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Owned and occupied by the Roswell family
The 8 Bells is the hottest bar in StrangerVille. Though they have little competition, the locals swear by the drinks. Located just near the StrangerVille National Base, you can always find Military Personnel winding down after a hard days work. The staff is friendly and are always looking to tell stories of StrangerVille.
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This lot is a bar and cannot be used as a residence.
STRANGERVILLE INFO CENTER The StrangerVille Information Center is a great place to hang out and study. We have a massive StrangerVille Archive where anyone can browse till their heart is content. The archives contain information about all the weird and unusual phenomena that has happened in our lovely little town. You can always find local Scientists here trying to brush up on research.
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This lot is a library and cannot be used as a residence.
Nestled in the the heart of the StrangerVille Plaza, this quaint home is perfect for anyone new in town. Right across from the StrangerVille Library and the hottest bar in town Carpophagous Corner will put you right next to all the best attractions StrangerVille has to offer.
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This residential lot is vacant and a good place to start your family or you investigations.
Slip 42 used to be home to a local Conspiracy Theorist. One day they just decided to leave, no warning or notice, they were just gone. Upon inspection we found a strange note saying something about finding the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything. The tenant even left all of their belongings behind. Those Conspiracy Theorists are definitely a strange bunch, but lucky for you Slip 42 is now vacant.
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This lot has been developed but noone has taken up residency here.
StrangerVille is known for its plateaus and unique rock formations. There is no better place like Plateau Place to take all of that in.
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This resdential lot is currently uninhabited.

Providing the best views overlooking StrangerVille, Cliff Side Crest is the perfect place to build your dream home. Just ignore the strange lights coming from that crater.
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This residential lot has not yet been developed.
Nestled slightly outside of town, and overlooking the StrangerVille creek. This quaint cliff side plot is bound to make the perfect foundation for any home.
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Another undeveloped residential lot. a good place to build a home and start a family.
The residents of StrangerVille say that this mysterious lab holds some deep dark secrets. Though there are many rumors, no one has ever set foot in the Secret Lab since the explosion. The Military seems to be keeping a close watch to ensure nothing goes in or out. Although security is tight around the lab, the locals say there is a small crack in the back of the fence that someone might be able to slip through undetected.
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You will have to solve the mysteries of StrangerVille to become famous. Good luck!

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