Queen Drusillia's Family includes two transsexual female members. Queen Drusillia Lockhart is a Master Vampire with a mean streak and can only sleep in her coffin. You can add a third trait to her personality at your disgression. Her roommate, Bailey Jay, is a noncommittal serial romantic and provides her with sustenance by offering her blood when needed.
Three Hot & Sexy Girls include Lydia Youssef, a cheerful and active party animal; Candace Flynn, a serial romantic insider and Teresa Napoliello, a noncommittal insider. Members of this household are always looking for a party or something fun to attend to and enjoy.
The Ramey Family is quite unusual. The Marquise is a genius vampire who strives to become a bestselling author and is married to a female alien named Arlene who wants to become a master vampire. They have a toddler alien daughter named Scarlet. Now that's what I call a mixed up and strange family. Oh, I forgot about their transgender female roommate who goes by Maki Ishikawa, a geek that deals drugs on the side.
Dr. Jane Monroe, DVM is a sexy veterinarian who works from her home in Newcrest. She's a geek genius who loves dogs. She was designed to play with the Cats and Dogs expansIon pack and is heavily modded.
Lovin Loosley was my first attenpt to use custom traits. Unfortunately these trait mods were broken with the adddition of the Cats and Dogs expansion pack and other updates from EA.
Sammy Sweets is another SIM created with custom trait mods broken by the Cats and Dogs expansion Pack and other EA patch updates.
Lydia and Zion Knox are a married couple whose custom trait mods were broken by EA's updates and the Cats and Dogs expansion pack. They both had the horny and babymaker traits but only the latter has been updated to be compatible with recent updates and patches.
To locate and download these files go to the SIMS4 Community Gallery in game
and search for user ID "Stewdy" &/or "47Spoony".
Be sure to check "Show Custom Content" under Advanced,